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NEON DOLL [entries|friends|calendar]
Dedicated to females in rock music.

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July 23rd, 2011 with Dismantled, Platform One, DJ's and Candy! [15 Jun 2011|03:05pm]


The next Dracula's Ball event takes place on Saturday, July 23rd, 2011 and includes live performances by Dismantled and Platform One as well as DJs Steve Archer (of Ego Likeness) and Kangal. 3 dancefloors of non-stop music!

Tickets are $16 in advance. All ages are welcome. If you want to drink alcohol, you must be 21+ w/photo ID. Admission at the door will be $18. Tickets go on sale Saturday, June 18th.

Advance tickets can be purchased *in person* from Ticketmaster or Digital Ferret, or *online* from Ticketmaster or IsoTank (IsoTank now ships tickets by US Mail which is much less expensive). Those with advance tickets are admitted first, before those paying at the door.

Dracula's Ball takes place at Shampoo Nightclub in Philadelphia, on Willow Street between 7th and 8th Streets. The club has a large enclosed parking lot which is free, but it does fill up early during Ball events. Doors open at 9pm and the event ends at 2am. In addition to live bands and DJs, there are vendors, candy and door prizes. The official DB website can be found at: http://www.draculasball.com/
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DRACULA'S BALL! w/ Black Tape For A Blue Girl (featuring Athan Maroulis of Spahn Ranch & Nicki Jaine), I:Scintilla, DJ's Mark Jackson from VNV Nation & Joe Letz of Combichrist
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Dracula's Ball March 21st with Unheilig & The Azoic [15 Feb 2009|03:24pm]

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Icons [07 Feb 2009|10:40pm]

[01-15] music (emily haines, the raveonettes, cat power, nico)
[16-48] house cast
[49-77] house (5x12. painless, 5x13. big baby, misc. seasons 1-3)
[78-88] the hours
[89-99] banners (house, jennifer morrison)


More @ versatilityy
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Azure Ray reunion + Whispertown 2000 show in LA [02 Dec 2008|03:29am]


Azure Ray:
Azure Ray _DSC0316x.jpg

+ more: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hazyskyline/sets/72157610639244012/

Whispertown 2000:
Whispertown 2000 _DSC0025x.jpg

+ more: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hazyskyline/sets/72157610638385930/

Hope you enjoy! If anyone wants to use the photos for anything, just let me know first!

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[18 Nov 2008|05:23pm]

- 10 Narnia
- 5 The Academy Is...
- 14 Schoolyard Heroes (Ryann)
- 40 Ronnie Radke
- 11 Nigella Lawson
- 32 Gerard Way (at Scream Awards 2008)
- 14 Dita Von Teese
- 13 Misc (mostly ED-related)

Preview: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

HERE @ my journal.
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157 Icons - Amanda. [27 Sep 2008|09:37pm]


1 2 3

The rest can be found here at my brand spanking new icon journal.
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[02 Sep 2008|08:06pm]

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[13 Aug 2008|05:16am]


After a year in the making we are proud to announce that Extreme Women in the Dark Future has finally broken through the glass ceiling. Featuring female fronted acts like Regenerator, Neikka RPM, and Visious Alliance along with daring solo acts like Chiasm, Unwoman, and Odio 84 these powerful artists are ready to take the industrial scene by storm and prove that women were meant to be heard!


1. Protea - Little Drummer Boy
2. Compulsory Skin - Twisted
3. Aluminum Voyage - Filth
4. Genocidio 1968 - Hure
5. Anxiety Disorder - Emergency Sex
6. Neikka RPM - Umbrae Sub Noctem
7. Diffuzion - No Passive Isolation
8. Chiasm - Deny
9. Odio 84 - No Trust
10. Noizekatt - Scars
11. Ju!ie Destroy - Devist8or
12. Experiment Haywire - Mean Enough Hot Enough
13. N01R - Eau
14. Vicious Alliance - Where Soliders Fall
15. Regenerator - Famished
16. Unwoman - Compliance (machineKUNT remix)
17. Hieros Gamos - In the Shining Exile
18. Asinyane - Homocide

You can now order it directly from the machineKUNT Records website.

Riot on,
Rachel Haywire
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[02 Jun 2008|01:09am]

The first full length Experiment Haywire album Annihilation Chic is out and ready to start a new riot.


1. Mean Enough Hot Enough
2. Stereotype
3. Occult Casualty
4. Overrule
5. Sociopathic
6. Dark Discordia
7. Game Called Life (XP8 mix)
8. Decapitation (Ambassador 21 mix)
9. People Killing People (kAlte fArben mix)
10. Cooler Than Genocide (Caustic Oi Vey mix)
11. Annihilation Day

Order from http://thehaywire.net or http://myspace.com/experimenthaywire

Thanks for the support!
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[19 Mar 2008|07:16pm]

Be one​​ of the​​ las​​t to get​​ a cop​​y of thi​​s 250 cop​​y lim​​ite​​d rel​​eas​​e. Thi​​s is the​​ CD tha​​t cau​​sed​​ the​​ "sc​​ene​​ con​​tro​​ver​​sy"​​ due​​ to its​​ con​​fro​​nta​​tio​​nal​​ nat​​ure​​ aga​​ins​​t the​​ bon​​ehe​​ads​​ in the​​ pow​​ern​​ois​​e sce​​ne.​​ Be a par​​t of the​​ dra​​ma,​​ revolu​​tio​​n, and​​ fig​​ht aga​​inst​​ the​​ mun​​dan​​ity​​ of the​​ ind​​ust​​ry.​​

Suppor​t the​ mus​ic tha​t was​ nev​er sup​pos​ed to sli​p thr​oug​h the​ cra​cks​. Includes the​ hig​hly​ political​ "De​cap​ita​tio​n of the​ Nat​ion​" and​ the sub​ver​siv​e dan​ce flo​or hit​ "Ga​me Cal​led​ Lif​e."​

Ord​er dir​ect​ly fro​m the Experiment Haywire website or Myspace Profile. Fre​e pat​ch inc​luded.

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The Raveonettes Giveaway!! [13 Mar 2008|11:09pm]

Hey you!

If you are a fan of <b>The Raveonettes</b> AND live in Canada, here is how you can lay your hands on some free Raveonettes stuff (including tickets to their Toronto show on March 21!)

You will have to subscribe to VICE Canada newsletter, and you'll be automatically entered into the contest IF you e-mail to@viceland.com with "I Want The Candy" in the subject line! Prizes will be drawn March 17th.

Pass it on to any Raveonettes fan! Or if you just wanna sign up for the Vice newsletter, there's a good chance you'll get some freebies!

*Canada only
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Angelspit's new album 'KRANKHAUS' is now available. [09 Jun 2006|08:09am]


Angelspit's new album 'KRANKHAUS' is now available.
14 tracks of blisteringly fat synths, with angry distorted beats and scathing vocals, which outline themes of horror, medical experimentation and the beautifully grotesque.
Krankhaus comes with a sixteen page colour booklet featuring luscious photography and detailed artwork. The music and imagery of Krankhaus is complex, rich and disturbing.

:: LISTEN ::

:: BUY ::


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[01 May 2006|02:19am]


my zine [01 Feb 2006|06:52pm]

The first issue of my zine, Kitty Collar is finally ready to buy :)

It includes....:

*Interviews with Daniel Schaffer (author of the Dogwitch comic book series), Squeaky (Fabulous Disaster), Rickey Lime (Scarling.) and Eva Chavela

*Articles on Kinderwhore, Pin-Up Art, The Black Dahlia, Shampoo (the 1990's pop band), Riot Grrrl and Andy Warhol

*Reviews of My Ruin, Scarling. and the new Emily Strange comic series

*Plus random quotes/mix tape listings

If you would like to buy a copy, just message me or comment here and I'll get in touch. Within the UK, the zine costs 1.50, plus 50p for postage. For the US, it's $3 for the zine and postage. If you're ordering from somewhere else, just message me and I'll work out the costs :)
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[17 Jan 2006|03:18pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Angelspit make the cover of FIEND ISSUE #9 [18 Dec 2005|10:55pm]


Issue Nine of FIEND magazine includes a comprehensive interview and sneak previews of the artwork from Angelspit's forthcoming album "Krankhaus", plusNeil Gaiman, Kate Bush, Laibach, Franz Ferdinand, Depeche Mode, Terry Gilliam, Psyche, Resurrection Eve, Bret Easton Ellis, Scorn, Angel Theory, Preaching to the Perverted, Angelspit, Funker Vogt, Converter and Snog.
>> Read More about FIEND ISSUE #9
:: www.angelspit.net ::
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[16 Dec 2005|12:58pm]

Everyone here should check out Eva Chavela!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[11 Nov 2005|09:59pm]


Ley Royal Scam


Awesome band, love their music.
Check them out, guys!
[I'm unsure of how well-known they are in other parts of the world, so if they're chart-toppers where you live, disregard this post.]

'k, thanks.

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